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Lighting for LED Tables and Lighted Furniture

We provide a variety of LED lighting systems for our tables. If you do not want any wiring or cables running from table to table you will need LEDs that can be powered with a 12 volt battery. If you don't mind the cables then other lighting options are available.


Below are some of the types of LEDs that can be used along with pricing

12" Color-Changing LED Tubes:

The LED tube can be powered with a wall transformer and/or battery. With a controller you can create color fade, color jump, fixed color and speed of change plus more.


12" Color Changing LED Tube, 12 Volt battery with Charger/Power Supply, RF Controller and Remote, cables with male plug and female jack for easy plug and play setup and charging.
Total cost: $195

12" Color Changing LED Tube, RF Controller/Remote with Power Supply (NO battery)
Total cost: $165

12" Single Color LED Tube, 12 Volt battery and Charger/Power Supply (NO Controller needed)
Total cost: $135

12" Single Color LED Tube and Power Supply (NO Controller needed and NO battery)
Total cost: $105


Note: The fully charged 12 volt battery will last 72 hours with this LED fixture before needing to be charged; requiring a 12-15 hour charge.


LED Tube Options:

48" tube - Price: $120
36" tube - Price: $90  
24" tube - Price: $70  
12" tube - Price: $45   

Controller/Remote with wire harness- Price: $45
This controller is our least expensive controller and provides basic features such as color-fade, strobe, and fixed color. This controller does not provide the ability to have each LED tube a different color, meaning no rainbow patterns.



8" Color-Changing Round LED fixture with Super Bright LEDs:

This is our brightest LED fixture we have for our tables and can illuminate a 48" round or square table and comes with a controller that allows you to dim the light as well as all the other features such as color fade, fixed color, random color change, white light and strobe. Has a heavy duty metal housing with 5.5" of actual LED area.

The 8" battery operated LED complete package consist of the LED fixture, remote control, controller, 6 ft leader cable (connects controller to fixture), and a 12V rechargeable battery - all shown below.This LED fixture can also be powered with a 12V power supply.

Battery Operated LED
Power Input 12VDC
Power Consumption 6 Watts
LED's: 21 Red, 51 Green, 37 Blue
Beam Angle 20 Degrees
8" x 2.3"H (actual lighted area is 5.5")
6" leader cable that attaches to the LED to the controller
Rated for 50,000 hours
24" cables to connect battery to controller


Click on image to view remote

12V Battery Recharger
Length: 3.8" Width 1.69" Height 2.01"
Batteries can be charged about 3000 times and last about 12-48 hours before any charge is required

LED Controller and Remote
Module is 8.30" x 1.57" x 1.18"
10 Color Changing Modes
256 levels of color depth per RGB
1-16 speed levels for each mode
Dimming capability
Pause feature to select the exact color

6 ft Leader Cable
Extends cable from LED to the controller and is a required component for this fixture

12 Volt Rechargeable Battery
Additional batteries are available for $30 each.

8" Dia. Color Changing LED Fixture with 6 ft cable: $155
12 Volt battery and 12 V Charger-Power Supply with cables: $60

Controller and remote: $110
Total Price - $335

Our fully charged 12 volt battery will last 12-24 hours with this LED fixture before needing to be charged requiring a 12-15 hour charge.



Please call or email us to request a quote and/or to get more information.



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