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Lighted Cocktail Table and End Table

Light Energy End Table / Cocktail Table
with a 5" high translucent dome

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Click Here to see an animation of this table.

Integrated into our illuminated tables is a sophisticated yet, simple to operate, controller which allows you to have multi-effects at your fingertips.

Lighting Features

  • Color Fade - colors transition gracefully from color to color, repeat-cycling through the entire spectrum
  • Fixed Color - static display of a single color, dial in your favorite
  • Chasing Rainbow Colors - colors of the rainbow appear to chase each other (3 variations)
  • Random Fade - colors transition gracefully from one color to the next randomly
  • Random Color - colors step or jump from one color to the next randomly
  • Pulsing Color - speed up any effect and it will create a slow to fast, undulating pulse
  • White Light - static display of white light with dimming ability to suit the mood.
  • Memory Feature - recalls the last setting

Also available with red and green lasers. See below

Click Here to see images of the lighting effects.

See Videos of the Various Lighting Effects

Video 1 - Color Fade
Video 2 - Chasing Rainbow
Video 3 - Color Pulse

Specs of table:

  • Lower base is 16" dia. x 10" H - black formica finish
  • Upper base is 30" dia. x 5' H - black formica finish
  • 30" glass top, 3/8 thick, 1" bevel
  • 24" dia x 5" H white translucent dome
  • 6" H polished chrome standoffs
  • Glass and dome easily removes to provide access to lighting


There are a few features, including the various lighting effects, that can be integrated into all our illuminated tables. These features determine the price, for example; the dome can be replaced with a flat white translucent top, no chrome standoffs, and a glass top resting on the table top. See below image of example of this design.

Price: $1495.0 - with 30" glass top
Click on the above image to see close up.

This end table / cocktail table uses regular MR11 halogen lamps and motorized effects to create a dazzling white light effect. This table is pictured with a flat white translucent screen. Various size glass tops (30" - 48") can be rested on top. This table can also be ordered with color changing LED halogens.

Click Here to watch a video of this effect


Optional chrome metal base for our 30" tables
- Available in black-


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1 year warranty is provided for the lighting and electronics and materials. Does not cover damage to either electronics or frame, and glass caused by accident or misuse.
Note: All the above items have a 2-3 week delivery time.

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