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Rainbow Infinity Mirrors with
Multi-colored state of the art "RGB" LED technology
and a multi-function DMX controller

Color Changing Infinity Mirror

48"Dia. x 5"H Round RGB  DMX Infinity Mirror Wall Display
Price: $5985.00
Comes with complete mounting hardware for easy installation
Frame is shown with a brushed aluminum formica finish, other finishes are available

We are proud to present this Light Energy Studio designed and fabricated infinity mirror which is fully interactive allowing the viewer to effortlessly create, in real time, dazzling light shows that are both stimulating and peacful.


This amazing wall display is a delight to the visual senses and has a magical quality. The piece is only 5" deep but appears to be 5-6 ft deep. The rainbow chasing lights are mesmerizing.

This wall light display can be made as a cocktail or dining table simply by placing one of our bases or your base below the light frame and then placing a glass top over it.




We use -state of the art LED technology - for maximum control of effects, speed and color transitions. These color changing LED infinity mirrors come with a power supply and controller.

LED Lighting Technology is...

  • Fully Programmable
  • Low wattage and heat
  • Economical to operate
  • 100,000 hours longevity
  • Low maintenance
  • 16 Million Rich, Vibrant Colors
  • External controller provides user friendly interface
  • Can produce white light
  • Bulbs are 1" tall and 1/2" wide
iColor Cove 6" and 12" LED Light Fixtures

Color Dial Controller
is the size of a wall light dimmer

Click Here to see what funtions this controller provides

PDS 70 7.5 volt

This is the required power supply(s)and is located outside the frame of the infinity mirror. It can be mounted to a wall or rest on the floor. Dimensions:8.8" L x 5.5" D x 3.6" H
Can be placed in wet location


Color Dial Controller Features

  • Color Fade - colors transition gracefully from color to color, repeat-cycling through the entire spectrum
  • Fixed Color - static display of a single color, dial in your favorite
  • Chasing Rainbow Colors - colors of the rainbow appear to chase each other (3 variations)
  • Random Fade - colors transition gracefully from one color to the next randomly
  • Random Color - colors step or jump from one color to the next randomly
  • Pulsing Color - speed up any effect and it will create a slow to fast, undulating pulse
  • White Light - static display of white light with dimming ability to suit the mood.
  • Memory Feature - recalls the last setting


We recommend the iPlayer3 storage and playback device for use with our color changing LEDs. If you don't need the level of control that it porvides we have the ColorDial.


For more sohpisticatd control than the Color Dial offers shows can be programmed on a computer and then downloaded to the iPlayer 3 storage playback module, shown here.iPlayer Storage Playback Module

Initially, we at Light Energy Studio, will program the shows to your preferences. If you would like to program your own shows we will provide you with the simple and easy to use software that you can use on your computer. The software is provided at no additional cost.


Note: No computer is needed to playback shows - only to program, and download the shows to the iPlayer3. The lighting system arrives with preprogrammed shows ready for playback. If you prefer you can simply use the factory preset shows that come with the iPlayer 3 without any programming needed. The shows can easily be accessed and triggers can be assigned using the buttons on the controller.


Below are photos of some of the color combinations and effects you can get when using the iPlayer3 controller and Colorplay3 software.

Rainbow I Chase
White Chase

Click on any of the below links to see more videos.

Green-Violet-Orange-Magenta Chase Video

Green-Violet Sparkle Video

Violet-Teal Sparkle Video

Violet-Mag-Teal-Blue Sparkle Video

Violet-Green-Teal Streak Video

Magenta-Violet Chase Video


46"Dia. x 16"H Round Color Changing LED Infinity Mirror Cocktail Table
Price: $5500.00
(does not include glass top)

Click on image to view a larger version

Can also be made into a dining table


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See actual video footage of this mesmerizing infinity mirror in our Flash animation.

Click Here



Color-changing LED Infinity Mirror at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas


Our RGB Infinity Mirrors come with a 1 year warranty.


Return Policy

Our color changing LED infinity mirrors are made per order and are not returnable. If any damage occurs during shipping or if it is found that the unit does not work properly then we will replace or repair the item. We do check that all units are working properly before they are shipped out.

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