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AquaFall Waterfall


AF-PYW AquaFall Pyramid Wave Waterfall
17 " x 15 " x 84 " H
10 Gallon Style

Price: $ 1485.00
Approx Shipping: $205

Ships in 1-3 weeks



Product Includes:
1 Preprogrammed Color LED Light
1 Baffle
1 Wavy Panel Section
1 Base Unit with cover
1 Submersible Water Pump
1 Flow Control Valve
1 Set of Polished River Rocks


Product Description:

This wavy pyramid waterfall is a great center piece or a partition for any room in a home or office. It is a unique piece from any other waterfall in that it tapers off at the top and is wider towards the bottom creating a exotic pyramid effect. It also is a wave unit which also adds to more of a ocean wave effect when the water glides effortlessly down the face. Hear the relaxing tone when the water ripples over the scored face of this unique acrylic piece. Watch LED lighting shine onto the face creating a visual effect of waves when the water flows from the top of the unit towards the rock tray back into the basin. Feel the serenity sweep over you when you enjoy the calming effects of this uniquely designed pyramid waterfall.This waterfall adds the perfect balance of humidity to a room and this pyramid waterfall is essentially maintainance free.

Note: Discounts maybe available for ordering in quantity.

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