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DMX LED Dance Floor - made by LES

DMX LED Dance Floor - made by LES


We offer two styles of DMX LED Dance floors. Shown here is the version we make here in Chatsworth, CA.

This is a high quality dance floor that uses two 12" long LED tube fixtures inside the 24" x 24" square panel. When lighted this version looks much different than any of the other lighted dance floors we offer. The lights are diffused by a solid, durable 3/4" thick white translucent acrylic panel, which creates more of an evenly dispersed glow of color throughout the top surface as opposed to a lot of dots of LEDs.

Analog LED Dance Floor

This DMX LED floor is controlled with a user friendly DMX controller made by Phillips Lighting.

Our LED floors can produce stimulating and entertaining light shows and are highly durable. Beautiful effects can be seen far away or close up. This LED dance floor cannot display video or graphics.










  • Light weight
  • Adjustable height with leveling feet
  • Low profile design - 4 3/4" H
  • Easily and quickly assembled / disassemble
    only one person needed
  • Portable or permanent installation
  • Sturdy - highly resistant to impact
  • Replaceable 3/4" thick acrylic top
  • Choice of paint finish
  • Easy to expand floor size at later date
  • Sit on top of existing floors or recessed to meet floor levels
  • Sloping perimeter units available
  • One year warranty for lighting system




DMX LED Dance Floor Panel


Pricing for our DMX LED Dance Floor System
These prices include all the required components; including lighting, power supplies, controller, cables and programmed shows

Note: Prices are an estimate as acrylic, aluminum and lighting components can increase

Please call or email us for a quote

Size of LED Floor in Feet
Price per Sq/ft
Price for LED Floor
8x8 = 64 sq/ft = 16 modules $145 sq/ft $9,408
12x12 = 144 sq/ft = 36 modules $126 sq/ft $18,144
16x16 = 256 sq/ft = 64 modules $121 sq/ft $30,976
20x20 = 400 sq/ft = 100 modules $115 sq/ft $46,000
24x24 = 576 sq/ft = 144 modules $112 sq/ft $64,512
24x36 = 864 sq/ft = 216 modules $110 sq/ft $95,040


Finish: Each aluminum dance module is painted in bright silver, dark silver, or primer gray; your choice.

Packaging: Prices do not include packaging cost. We can get 36 of our dance floor modules crated on one pallet. Price per pallet is $345. We surround the modules with styrofoam in a wood crate for a safe delivery. Crate and pallet are needed for acrylic tops as well.

Number of dance modules required: Once you have determined the size of the floor you would like, you can multiply the width and length of the floor, in feet, to get the square footage for your floor.

If you would like to know how many modules you would need, divide the total square footage of the floor size by 4 (each module is 4 sq/ft) to get the number of modular units you will need. For example; a 320 sq/ft floor, you will need 80 modules.

Our aluminum dance floor module with a 3/4" thick white translucent acrylic top is 24" L x 24" W x 4 3/4"H. With the adjustable feet each corner of the module can be lowered or raised to compensate for an uneven floor. Each module with acrylic top weighs 25 lbs.

Sloped Perimeter Units: We can provide sloping perimeter units for those who require it for safety purposes such as in public facilities. Please let us know if you need the sloping units when requesting a quote. The sloping units are not lighted.


Please call or email us to request a quote or if you have any questions.


Watch Videos of some of the shows you will get!


Above is our video presentation of our 12ft x 12ft LED Dance Floor, LED Tubes , and LED EQ Columns



Video of our16 ft x 16 ft LED Dance Floor showcased in our showroom



Video of our 16 ft x 16 ft LED Dance Floor


View Videos of an 8ft x 8ft LED Dance Floor


Photo coutesy of Club HollywoodIf you are a night club owner, you can attract a greater number of patrons with an LED dance floor. Your patrons will love it and they will tell their friends.

Don't be the last club not to have an LED dance floor. Be the club on the cutting edge of LED technology.





We offer a complete solution for our customers interested in a portable or permanent lighted floor with competitive pricing.

Light Energy Studio provides simple to sophisticated lighting systems for LED floors. We have lighting systems to meet your budget and level of desired control. We also offer, as part of our lighted floor systems, customized programming of a variety shows for easy playback.


State of the art LED Technology
LED Lighting Technology is...
  • Fully Programmable
  • Low wattage and heat
  • Economical to operate
  • 100,000 hours longevity
  • Low maintenance
  • 16 Million Rich, Vibrant Colors
  • External controller provides user friendly interface
  • Can produce a semi- white light

iColor Cove 6" and 12" LED Light Fixtures

We use-state of the art LED technology - for maximum control of effects, speed and color transitions; we can use other lighting sources as well such as white light.

These LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of life.

Programmable Controller:
Shows can be programmed on a computer and then downloaded to the controller, storage playback module, shown here.
iPlayer Storage Playback Module

Initially, we at Light Energy Studio, will program the shows to your preferences. If you would like to program your own shows we will provide you with the simple and easy to use software that you can use on your computer. The software is provided at no additional cost.

Note: No computer is needed to play back shows - only to program, and download the shows to the controller. The lighting system arrives with preprogrammed shows ready for playback. If you prefer you can simply use the factory preset shows that come with the controller without any programming needed. The shows can easily be accessed and triggers can be assigned using the buttons on the controller.

The power supplies are typically located outside the dance modules and rest on the floor. Dimensions for the power supply is: 2H x 4W x 8.8"L.

Each power supply can power 20 LED fixtures. The controller can control 340 fixtures.

All lighting and electronics come with a 1 year warranty by Phillips Lighting.



Please call or email us to request a quote or if you have any questions.



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