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Edge Lit Glass Tables and PedestalsEdge Lit Glass Dining Table

Edge Lit Glass Dining Table with Etched Artwork Shown Above

Light Energy Studio Produces a Variety of Innovative, Decorative Tables with Integrated LEDs

These tables are made with many types of materials; metals, wood, plastics and glass. They can be purposeful in both residential and commercial settings. Great for night clubs, hotel lobbies, restaurants, vip lounges, bars, home entertainment rooms and more.

Edge Lit Glass and Acrylic Furniture Designs:

We have designed a line of tables, pedestals and columns all with LED edge lighted glass and/or acrylic. Along with the edge lighting we now offer etched glass patterns and etched artwork for our table tops, which are brought to life with LEDs.

Each table has concentric style clear glass and/or clear acrylic rings with varying spacing between the rings. At the edge of each ring is where it is most illuminated with bright LEDs internally hidden at the opposite edge. If one desires one can have each ring a different color or all the same. With a simple LED Controller one can control the speed of color change plus much more.

Edge Lit Glass Tables

We have a wide variety of designs for the Edge Lighted Glass and Acrylic Tables which are customizable:

Edge Lit Glass Dining Tables

Edge Lit Glass Cocktail Tables
Edge Lit Glass End Tables
Edge Lit Glass
Console Tables
Edge Lit Glass Pedestals and Columns

All our Edge Lit Glass and Acrylic Designs can be ordered with a wide variety of finishes:
Our most popular laminate finishes are Matte Black, Gloss Black, And Brushed Aluminum


Edge Lighted Glass End Table

Edge Lit Glass and Acrylic End Table
Price: $1692.00

Includes one 3/8" thick glass top and two 3/8" thick clear acrylic rings edge lighted with LEDs, LED Controller with remote, and power supply.

Custom sizes and finishes are available




LED Edge Lit Acrylic Ring Columns and Pedestals
6 ft Tall x 16" Round Edge Lit Acrylic Columns
Each with Nine 3/8" thick Clear Acrylic Rings Edge Lit with Internally Hidden LEDs
These columns can be made in different widths and heights. They can be used as pedestals to hold objects
or simply as a decorative light sculpture. Comes with LED Controller



Edge Lit Acrylic Triangle Table

Edge Lit Triangle Table
29"H x 36"W Acrylic Top
With Five 3/8" thick,
24" Wide, Clear Acrylic Triangle Rings Edge Lighted with Internally Hidden LEDs.
The Triangle table can be made in different widths and heights. They can also be used as pedestals to hold objects,
or simply as a decorative light sculpture. Comes with LED Controller, power supply and remote.



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