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Marine Life Building Set
with Dolphin, Whale and Seal
Animatronic Dolphin Light Sculpture

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Plasma Clock

Light Painting and Oval Light Table

The Bright Idea Plasma Clock adds a beautiful soft glow to any room, hallway or shelf while keeping perfect time. Comes with a removable base and built-in mounting slots.

Placed inside the display base, the clock becomes a dramatic lighted centerpiece. Remove the clock from its base and hang it on the wall.
Note: The "Plasma" as pictured is like the plasma or lightning-like effect in the popular Plasma Globes. They look way cool!
Display on table top or wall mount
On/off light switch
Removable base
AC adapter included
We have only Pink available
Size: 13" H x 10" W x 5 1/2" D

Price: $45.00

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The above lighting novelties come with a 45 day warranty and will be replaced if found to be defective within that period providing they are used for home use only.

4-8 day delivery depending on your location

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