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Unlike many musicians who were fortunate to begin their music career at a young age Richard had not awoken to his untapped musical abilities until age 31 in the year 1987. He had been a lover of all types of music throughout his life that started in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1956. However he had no idea he would become one of his top favorite musicians who would create inspiring music that others could enjoy.


Richard is also passionate about his career as a lighting artist. His work consumed most of his time from 1986 to the present and he has a successful business in Chatsworth California producing and selling LED lighted furniture, wall displays, light sculpture and LED dance floors. Much of his music has been used on his videos he produces to promote his company’s products all of which are on YouTube.


Fortunately with the help of fate and a close friend, who was a composer with a music studio, Richard, in 1986, was able to tinker around with the latest synthesizers and realize that it was actually fairly easy to make beautiful sounds. It was not long until he had his own little music studio and began what would be his ultimate passion.


With absolutely no music theory Richard blindly composed his first songs with much satisfaction. However the many distractions of life made it impossible to continue the dream at that time. It appeared that was the end of that.


As with most, who tap into their passion, Richard found that he could not ignore that burning fire inside and within five years he was inspired to give it another go and purchased the music gear he would need to restart it all. This time around he was able to educate himself with some basic music theory. Within a few years he was able to complete three albums worth of songs by the end of the 90s. His music was enjoyed by his friends who were also spiritually like-minded and he sold his music CDs online.


Being inspired by musicians such as Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Dead Can Dance and many others, Richard was focused on making music that was instrumental in nature with no vocals, except for digital choir type vocals. His favorite instruments were strings, piano, flute, acoustic guitar and ethnic style drums and percussion. At the time new age music was becoming popular and Richard’s style of music seemed to fit that genre well. Some of the music he created at this time was enjoyed by others as an inspirational source for meditations. However much of it was a stimulating type of music with rhythm that was great for driving as an example.


Being an avid dancer and an occasional DJ at parties and dance halls in the Southern California locale Richard felt an urge to make his own music that others could dance to and that would have more of a dance/rock/pop sound. It was time for a change in music style.


By 2005 Richard was well on his way to making a crossover and started creating music that was beginning to sound more like dance music. Still composing with his favorite instruments, he added many new sounds such as bass, saxophone, trumpet, and electric guitar to his repertoire. His new music style was enjoyed by others when Richard would play it when DJing at a dance home in Studio City, CA and so he knew he was on the right track.


Within the last 10 years Richard has been increasing his knowledge of music theory on an accelerated level which has provided him with an abundance of knowledge with which to accomplish his goals as a musician.


Richard officially released his first album in Jan 2019 named Maestro of the Infinite. This album is his first attempt at creating dance music and contains no vocals but does have more traditional type of drums and percussion typically used by pop and rock musicians. It also is the first album using electric guitar.


Very excited to work on his first official pop/dance/rock album, Richard got busy and completed Exotica in three months and was released April 9, 2019. Stepping things up, there are at least 5 songs with soaring female vocals and lyrics which contribute to its pop sound. Amazing, Richard has discovered he is also a lyricist and has yet another skill to help propel his music career even further.


On Feb 14th, 2020, there was some synchronicity in the air and Richard released his 3rd album “Miracles of the Heart”. With many new instrument sounds and vocals this album takes another leap. Most songs have lyrics with female vocals. The lyrics are fun, intellectual, and stimulating.


At age 64 Richard is just getting started and plans to create his best works to date. He has two more albums of earlier material to be remastered and released in the very near future, some songs of which will have added content.


The fourth album with all new songs titled “Spirt Rising” was released Aug 2020. Currently working on album 5, "Winds of Destiny" to be released late 2020.


Richard is more of a composer then performer and so one should not expect to see him touring although there may be some music videos on the horizon.


“It is my hope to share my music with others who can be uplifted and stimulated. Even though I would continue to create music simply for my own gratification and fun it brings me much joy knowing that others are enjoying it as well.”


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