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Acrylic Furniture
LED EQualizer Columns
Acrylic Dining Chair Acrylic Bar Stool Acrylic Chair LED Lighted Black Acrylic Dining Table Infinity Mirror Bar Table Water Bubble Panels Acrylic Lamp Acrylic LED Dome Panels Acrylic Sculpture Swan Acrylic Dinette Table Acrylic Sculpture Acrylic Chair Acrylic LED Dome Panels Crackle Tube LED Dance Floor LED Dance Floor LED Acrylic Triangle Table LED Acrylic Triangle Table Acrylic LED Tables Plasma Globes Water Bubble Panels Acrylic LED Lighted Pyramid Luminglas Water Bubble Panels LED Cocktail Table Acrylic Bar Acrylic LED Dance Platform Infinity Mirrors Infinity Mirrors Acrylic Dining Chair Acrylic LED Dome Panels Hexagon LED Table Brass Dolphin Sculpture


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Showcasing many of our lighting designs, creations and their applications, included are LED Video Dance Floors, LED Video Displays, LED Acrylic Column Displays, LED Tables, LED Dance Platforms and much more.
Release Date: May 26, 2015


Light Energy Studio presents finely crafted unique home and commercial decorative furnishings. These furnishings are created by various artist and manufacturers including an array of innovative products designed and created by Light Energy Studio.

List of Available Products

LED Room Dividers
LED Panels
LED Tables
LED Acrylic Columns and Tubes
LED Video Screen
Light Furniture
Light Paintings and Murals
Light Sconces
Infinity Mirror Tables
Light Sculptures
Infinity Light Mirrors
Acrylic Dining Tables
Custom Light Displays
LED Dance Floors
LED Lighted Acrylic Dance Platforms
Plasma Globes Water Bubble Lamps Acrylic Lamps
Crackle Tubes Aqua Bubble Tables Acrylic Chairs and Barstools
Plasma Tubes Water Bubble Panels and Columns Acrylic Sculpture

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Located in Chatsworth, CA 91311

2015 Light Energy Studio Infinity Light Mirrors Acrylic Dining Chair Light Energy Cocktail Table with LED Lighting Acrylic Stool