LED Dance Platforms

Light Energy Studio produces an all acrylic dance platform with internal LED lighting. They are supported with a 3/4″ wood base along with aluminum angle that fastens the base to the acrylic platform.

Close-up of Platform

These platforms can be used in nightclubs, bars, gentlemen’s clubs, corporate events, parties, and trade shows for attracting attention. 

Our LED dance platforms are sturdy and have a great slip resistant factor and as a result it is the perfect material to dance on without slipping and yet it makes it very easy to glide on.

We have optional lighting control such as single color or two colors displayed in a single moment along with programmable LEDs for chasing effects (simulated motion effects).

We can make custom sizes.

LED Dance Platforms on the Kelly Clarkson Show

Shown above is our 12″ H all acrylic dance platforms being used for a dance contest on the Kelly Clarkson TV show on NBC.

We also offer our LED Dance Platforms with lighted acrylic top and opaque sides. Sides are made of wood and finished with matte black laminate.  The platform shown above uses programmable LEDs which can simulate motion effects such as a rainbow pattern.

48 x 56 LED Dance Platform

Shown above is a 48″ W x 56″ L acrylic dance platform. This platform displays two color option verses one color.

Dance Platforms with Dancers

Shown above are dancers on three dance platforms during a music video shoot.

Shown above is a singer/dancer on two dance platforms during a music video shoot.

Interactive Dance Platform

Shown above is a 42″ W x 42″ L x 7″ H Interactive Dance Platform. It has sensors that when triggered, by stepping on, play back of selected shows will occur. It also can be used without the response mode and it will play back abstract graphic videos.

Interactive Dance Platform 2

If you would like to get a quote for our dance platforms call or email us.