We have utilized all our experience and skills of making infinity mirrors and have designed our most affordable and customizable infinity mirror to date which just happens to be the most awe inspiring of all. This new illusionary tunnel of light display comes with a wide variety of effects and color combinations and is second to none when it comes to price, size and length of lighted tunnel.

All variations of this LED infinity mirror, that we are calling the Light Energy Portal Infinity Mirror™, are shown below and have the same diameter of 23″. The only change may be the depth of the mirror frame for those who want the frame to have a narrower profile. The frame is made of durable black ABS plastic and acrylic mirrors making it lightweight, approximately 11 lbs.

Portal Infinity Mirror Wall Display

The wall mounted version has the longest lighted tunnel of any of our infinity mirrors, coming in at around 8-10 ft long. Possibly the longest lighted tunnel of any infinity mirror on the planet. However, we can modify the length of the tunnel effect using a little trick we learned.

We can force the back acrylic mirror to bend somewhat causing the led reflections to bend inward to create a point of light in the center such as the one pictured above. Most infinity mirrors have a large dark hole in the middle. By bending the acrylic mirror the length of the tunnel is shortened making it around 6ft long.

Light Energy Portal Infinity Mirror™ Wall Mounted Model:
Price: $1365
Packaging: $148
Packaged in large cardboard box and protected with 1″ styrofoam all around infinity mirror frame to ensure safe delivery.
Shipping cost varies upon location but is estimated at $85

The table version is the same as the wall display with the exception that the led reflections come more to a point with a small black hole in the center and have a shortened lighted tunnel approximately 6-7 ft long.

We can customize the table height to fit as an end table, small cocktail table or a bar height table as shown above. When ordering let us know what height you will need. Note: It is recommended to use at least a 3/16″ thick glass top to protect the delicate see-thru acrylic mirror at the top of the frame. We do not ourselves provide the glass top due to packaging/shipping issues that it creates.

Light Energy Portal Infinity Mirror™ Table Model:

Please email or call to for pricing.

Light Energy Portal Infinity Mirror Table Mount

The viewer can see the same infinity effect on both sides. We use see-thru acrylic mirror on both sides allowing for a 360 degree view. The lighted tunnel is a bit less than the wall mounted version and is approximately 8ft long.

We designed the all black ABS plastic table stand to match the infinity mirror frame material and is lightweight. The infinity mirror frame simply slips into the stand allowing one to place the infinity mirror on a large desk or table.

Great as a center piece for events with large banquet tables. Multiple units can be synchronized in playback so all units are playing back the same effect and colors. If desired one can order the table stand with the wall mounted infinity mirror if one does not require the double-sided infinity effect.
Light Energy Portal Infinity Mirror™
Double Sided Infinity Effect with Table Stand Model:
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Light Energy Portal Infinity Mirror Floor Stand Model

We offer this version for those who would like to be able to easily place the infinity mirror in a location so viewers can easily see both sides of the infinity effect without the use of the table stand.
If desired one can order the table stand with the wall mounted infinity mirror if one does not require the double-sided infinity effect.
The cable for the lighting is routed through the pipe from the floor to the infinity mirror.
Light Energy Portal Infinity Mirror™
Double Sided Infinity Effect with Floor Stand Model:

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This infinity mirror ceiling lamp is great for hanging above a dining table, card table, or any where that would enhance the space.
If the height of the infinity mirror frame is too high (2.75″), for your interior setting, we can make it narrower, such as 1 5/8″ minimum.

No need to attach the lighting cable to a junction box on the ceiling. Simply use the eye hook on the end of the stem of the lamp to a hook that is attached to a ceiling beam. The cable passes through the stem and is no visible until it come out of the stem.

One would run and attach the long light cable across the ceiling and down the wall to the LED controller mounted on the wall. The cable can be covered with available cable covers so it does not take away from the ceiling. If doing remodeling one could connect the cable to a junction box that is connected to the LED controller, thus eliminating the cable on the ceiling.

This is the same infinity mirror as the wall mountable and table version. See the videos of those to see how the lighted tunnel effects of the infinity mirror ceiling lamp will look.
Note: We now have a ceiling flush mount version that connects to a standard junction box.

Light Energy Portal Infinity Mirror™ Ceiling Lamp Model:

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All of the above infinity mirrors can be ordered with either of the two listed LED controllers below.

LED Controller for Phone App

The phone app makes it really easy to play back a wide variety of effects including sound sensitivity effects. This controller is recommended if you have a smart phone with Bluetooth. Once you select an effect you can turn off your phone and the effect will continue to play.

LED Music Controller with Chord App Features:
Increase or decrease the speed of any of the 180 dynamic effects and music effects
Select any single color with 1,000,000 million colors available, including white
Sound sensitive music effects
180 dynamic effects, not sound sensitive
48 music lighting effects, sound sensitive
Very sensitive built-in mic that picks up sound very easily, even with ones’ voice
Aux sound input
Brightness dimmer
If you have more than one infinity mirror you can have the effects for both be in sync. You could literally have eighteen of our 23″ infinity mirrors being controlled with this onecontroller and all would be in sync, controlled using your smart phone.

Basic LED Controller with Programmed Efects

Basic LED Controller

With this LED controller the shows/effects, that are programmed by an LES tech, are downloaded on two SD cards. You will receive rainbow patterns, single colors, and two color combination patterns.

Mode button for selecting which show the controller will open with
Show selection button
Increase speed button
Decrease speed button
Free software for creating new effects or editing effects
Wall mountableThe LED controller shown above does not require a smart phone. Just plug it in and beginplaying back the effects that are stored on the supplied SD cards.

When ordering let us know which controller you would like, no difference in price

If you would like to get a quote for any of our Infinity Mirrors call or email us.

Reasons to Consider Purchasing Your Infinity Mirror from Light Energy Studio

Be sure to shop around when looking for infinity mirrors as they are not all made with the same quality as ours. In the case of infinity mirrors, you will, more than likely, get what you pay for. Ours may be a bit more costly but you will be very happy you purchased it from us.

We go the extra distance by programming unique shows that you will not get from any others and we are always adding new effects which we can email to you even years after you receive your mirror from us. If you like you can even create your own effects using the supplied software.

The lighted tunnel is key in how impressive an infinity mirror can be. That is a big part of the WOW factor. Any infinity mirror that is less than 2″ deep will only produce about a 2 ft long lighted tunnel effect. A 1″ deep infinity mirror will produce about a 1 ft tunnel.

All that depends on a few other factors as well; we at LES know how to make infinity mirrors so they produce the longest of lighted tunnels.

Our Light Energy Portal Infinity Mirror™ produces a 8-10 ft long lighted tunnel and provides that WOW experience for the viewer like no other.

We use some of the brightest LEDs that will last, what may be a life time, if not left on for 24 hours a day, and we also provide support in case it is needed.

We use quality see-thru acrylic mirror on the front and back which provides more reflections vs. reflective glass. This also helps in creating that long tunnel. The use of reflective glass will reduced the tunnel length by nearly half the distance.

Acrylic mirror that is of a lesser quality than we use can easily scratch, simply by cleaning it. With our acrylic mirror you can clean it as many times as is needed when using a plastic polish and soft cloth. Not all acrylic mirror has a durable coating, we learned that lesson the hard way.