Infinity Mirror Wall Displays
48" x 78" Infinity Mirror

Shown above is a 48" x 78" infinity mirror with programmable LEDs that can simulate motion effects.

Light Energy Studio has been producing a wide variety of infinity mirrors, aka  illusion mirrors, for two decades. We have created some of the finest infinity mirrors on the planet for both residential and commercial clients with a high level of customer satisfaction.

We have clients that have us install 3D objects inside to promote their products.

LES makes wall mountable and table versions which you can view below. We have even made DJ booths with infinity mirrors as you can view in our DJ Booth section.

Contact us if you have a custom infinity mirror you would like to get a quote on. Prices are not listed below as most of our infinity mirrors are custom made and material cost are always in flux.

Many of our customers have their company logo installed inside their infinity mirror such as the one shown below.

Infinity Mirror with Logo

We make a special type of infinity mirror wherein the lights are mounted on the back acrylic mirror. We refer to this as the 3D Cube Infinity Mirror.  The LEDs are reflected over and over creating the illusion of a 3D cube. In a standard infinity mirror the lights are mounted along the sides of the inside of the frame and the reflections create a lighted tunnel effect.

3D Cube Infinity Mirror

3D Cube Infinity Mirror with warm white LEDs. 48″W x 78″L x 4.5″ deep
installed on the ceiling in a Starbucks store in Las Vegas

30" Convex Infinity Mirror

Most everyone has seen or heard of an infinity mirror as they have been around since the 30s. For those who have not, simply put, the infinity mirror is a sandwich of see-thru reflective glass or reflective acrylic, lights, and glass mirror or acrylic mirror. 

The lights reflect in the see-thru reflective glass and the back mirror.

This reflection occurs in a repetitive manner, creating a series of smaller and smaller reflections that appear to recede into an infinite distance forming a light tunnel effect that appear to have depth.

The glass, mirror, and lights are typically installed into some kind of frame made of wood, plastic, or metal. The frames can be round, rectangular or triangular or other shapes.

They can be made with all types of lights, but most popular lights are LEDs which are also the most efficient and controllable.

48 x 84 Infinity Mirror
36 x 84 Arch Infinity Mirror
Round Infinity Mirror

30″ Round Infinity Mirror in Brushed Aluminum

Infinity Mirror with Acrylic Stars

24″ Round Infinity Mirror with Clear Acrylic Stars

36 Square Infinity Mirror
36 Square Infinity Mirror

36″ x 36″ Square Infinity Mirror with brushed aluminum finish and warm white LEDs

36″ x 36″ Square Infinity Mirror with brushed aluminum finish and warm white LEDs

48 Round Infinity Mirror Wall Display

48″ Round Infinity Mirror with brushed aluminum finish

24 Square Infinity Mirror

24″ x 24″ x 1 1/2″ deep Square Infinity Mirror with powder coated aluminum frame. Our thinnest infinity mirror we make. The thinner the frame the more shallow is the lighted tunnel.

If you would like to get a quote for any of our Infinity Mirrors call or email us.

Below are some pics of infinity mirrors we have produced for various clients

Marc Jacobs Infinity Mirrors 2

Shown above is a set of infinity mirrors installed for a Marc Jacobs storefront windows in New York.

K Swiss Infinity Mirror 2

Shown above is an infinity mirror project we did for K-Swiss to promote one of their shoe designs.

Puma Infinity Mirror Display

Shown above are a couple of infinity mirrors used to promote some clothing designs for Puma. 

Infinity Mirror at Bounjour Vietnam Restaurant

Infinity Mirror Installation at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas