LED Pole Dance Platforms
Pole Dance Platform 2024

Light Energy Studio produces an all acrylic pole dance platform with internal LED lighting. They are supported with a 3/4″ wood base along with aluminum angle that fastens the base to the acrylic platform.

All our acrylic pole dance platforms include a structural support of clear acrylic crossbeams inside the acrylic “shell”.  This allows for heavier stress on the top surface and helps to section off the four quadrants where the LED lights are mounted providing a separation between the colors. 

Clear Acrylic Crossbeams and center box

The stainless steel pole is attached to the top acrylic surface with a chrome plated flange and to a flange at the bottom of the platform.

Close-Up of Pole Dance Platform

Close-up of pole dance platform

Our pole dance platforms can be used as a stand alone pole platform if not used for professional use.
Note: If used in a professional setting, it is recommended to secure the platform to an existing stable structure such as the floor with optional steel supports we would provide.

The platform has been tested for a load bearing factor of 600 lbs per 4 sq/ft.

These pole dance platforms are great for nightclubs, bars, gentlemen’s clubs, stages, dance clubs, and are great for parties.

You can purchase our pole dance platforms with or without lighting.  The heights of the platform can be ordered in 9″H, 12″H, and higher.

The standard overall length of the 2″ diameter pole is 8 ft but can be ordered taller. 

Currently we do not have spinning poles available for our platforms. We may have them available in the near future.

Two Foot Tall Pole Dance Platform

We offer custom sizes for our pole dance platforms. Shown above is our 2 ft. tall platform.

If you would like to get a quote for our Pole Dance Platforms, call or email us.