Light Sculpture
Light Sculpture Main

Light Energy Studio creates a wide variety of Light Sculptures for both commercial and residential interior settings. Shown above is the “Pillar of Light”,  30″ diameter and 80″ tall.

Watch video to learn more about this stunning museum quality piece. 

This is the mini version of the Pillar of Light.
6″ round white translucent acrylic column x 24″H
Overall height 28″
8 individual columns separated by thin plastic dividers that keep the colors from bleeding into each column.

LED SD card controller with software
Vertical motion – many EQ like effects
Horizontal motion – 360 degree rotation
Speed control
152 Super bright LEDs
Viewable from 360 degrees

LED Lighted Acrylic Pyramid, 24″ W x 38″ H. The base is made of black acrylic. The pyramid is made with white translucent acrylic and internally lighted with color-changing LEDs. The pyramid and base are resting on a pedestal.

Acrylic Tube Display with Six Tubes Lighted

Mounted on a black acrylic base are six 2″ diameter white translucent tubes. Each tube has LEDs running from top to the bottom.

Acrylic Tube Display with Six Tubes

Controlled with an LED SD card controller with software
Vertical up and down motion effects
Horizontal, left to right motion effects
Comes with speed control

If you would like to get a quote for any of our Light Sculptures call or email us.