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LED Lighted Room Dividers and Space Partitions

Shown above is our LED Lighted Room Divider
with 1/4" transparent/translucent bamboo glass and powder coated aluminum frame
4ft wide x 6ft tall


We offer custom LED Lighted Room Dividers with a variety of decorative glass and acrylic products.
Dividers are mainly used to partition off interior spaces and to add a decorative effect to the space. Our dividers and partitions achieve this in an elegant and aesthetic fashion.

Light Energy Studio has a variety of lighting options, room divider designs, and a wide choice of decorative films, etched glass patterns and textures to create stunning screen dividers. Along with glass, we use acrylic in many of our designs such as our LED Acrylic Tube Room Divider shown further below. We also provide edge lit glass room dividers with artist etchings.

Applications: Our room dividers can be used in commercial venues such as restaurants, hotels, night clubs, bars, hospitals, trade shows and offices, as well as residences.

What makes our room dividers stand out are not only the decorative materials we use but the many types of LED lighting fixtures we employ to colorfully illuminate the panels.

Our most sophisticated lighting we offer for our space dividers is fully programmable. Colors and patterns are programmed using a DMX controller which provides even more flexibility and control for the user. If you want a single color at all times, no problem. We can do that too.

The room dividers can be made with castors for ease of movement.

Shown above are room dividers 4ft wide x 7ft tall with a decorative window film for privacy. Each divider has LEDs around the inside perimeter of the frames illuminating the glass/film.

Price per room divider is $2498.00
Includes LED flex strips, LED controller with remote, and power supply.

Discounts can be applied for quantity purchases

Optional Materials used in our Room Dividers:
Click on links to view examples from our vendors of these materials.

Decorative Etched Glass
Etched glass is sandblasted glass, either by machine or by hand. You can get various gradients and opacities. For graphics, logos, and patterns, a mask is used to create the effect intended while protecting the glass. Frosted glass is also etched glass but is more descriptive of the opacity/pattern. It is usually 100% opaque. Goes well with LED Edge Lit Lighting.

Carved Glass
Carved glass is etched glass but is much deeper and the process is different. Etched glass simply scuffs the surface of the glass creating occlusions, where carved glass is actually digging into the glass at various depths. Carved Glass uses multiple passes while carving and etching, highly detailed designs are created with this technique. Goes well with LED Edge Lit Lighting.

Decorative Films - applied to glass
Decorative window film is applied to glass and is available in various patterns, and even textures for realistic effect. It is usually applied with adhesive but there are non adhesive films available. Easily removable and comes in varying opacities.

3 Form Resin Panels
Made from a specially-formulated co polyester resin that combines performance with environmental responsibility. 3form Varia Ecoresin is a dynamic interlayer system with design possibilities as diverse as your imagination. By allowing you to custom-select the color, pattern, texture, interlayer and finish of your material.


Call (818-565-1033) or email us to receive a quote for your custom lighted room divider



2" Acrylic Tube Room Divider

Shown above is our 2" LED Acrylic Tube Display Room Divider - with 2" Diameter Acrylic Tubes
48" long x 6" deep x 74" tall.

Eight 2" diameter white translucent acrylic tubes
Lighted with 8 powerful, bright, programmable LED spot fixtures
Variety of shows with a wide array of color combinations, speeds and patterns
Programmable controller
Gloss black or matte black finish
Viewable from any angle - 360 degrees
Custom sizes available

2" Tube Display as shown above

Price: $2580.00
Includes everything needed accept for DMX controller


Controller Options for our LED Tube Room Divider:

Option 1: Fully Programmable DMX Controller: can store and playback 225 shows and has playback interface, no computer needed to play back shows

Price $1295


Option 2: DMX Controller: Can store one show and play back one show without computer
with computer can playback a limitless amount of shows

Price $395

iPlayer Storage Playback Module

Provided Software: Price includes several shows that we will program for the user - Simple, easy to use...

Controller size: 8.5"L x 5.5"W x 1.75"H

Comes with factory preset shows as well as several shows that we will program

Easily access shows with buttons on controller

Initially, we at Light Energy Studio, will program the shows to your preferences.

With computer and provided software this controller can playback a limitless amount of shows

DMX Controlled LED spot lights
1 year warranty by Phillips Lighting
100,000 hour life rating
Controller size is 3.5"L x 3.1"W x 1"H

View more animations of the acrylic tube displays used as a room divider





LED Flex Strip Room Divider

LED Flex Strip Space Partition

48" wide x 72" tall LED flex strip Room Divider
with white translucent acrylic panel

View Flash Animation of the Flex Strip LED Room Divider



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