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48" LED Cocktail Table with Infinity Mirror

Triangle Light Painting Light Energy Cocktail Table with Infinity Mirror

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The 48" Light Energy Cocktail Table comes with color-changing LEDs and has a 18" round infinity mirror integrated into the center to create a stunning display of color, motion, and depth.

The above image also showcases the Triangle Light Painting and a glass floor illuminated with LEDs.

The table shown above comes with the following:

The lighting system consist of 12 of our brightest MR16 RGB LED spots.

  • Fits into a standard MR16 fixture
  • Rated life is 100,000 hours
  • Capable of producing 16 million colors
  • High impact resistant
  • Low wattage and heat - economical to operate
  • UL listed

The shows are programmed on a computer and then downloaded to the storage playback module, shown here.Storage Playback Module The contoller keypad can be used to trigger up to 5 shows. Simply assign 1 of 5 triggers to any of the wide variety of shows stored on the storage module and you then have a new set of shows to be activated with the 5 buttons.

Initially, we at Light Energy Studio, will program the shows to your preferences or you can select existing shows from our library. If you would like to program your own shows we will provide you with the simple and easy to use software that you can use on your computer. The software is provided at no additional cost.


Note: No computer is needed to playback shows - only to edit the triggers, program, and download the shows to the iPlayer3. The Light Energy Painting arrives with preprogrammed shows ready for playback. There is however a way to program shows using the suggested controllers' software.

The power supply is located inside the table frame and can be mounted to a wall or rest on the floor. Dimensions are: 8.5" L x 5.5" D x 3.5" H .




  • Frame of the table is 47.5" in diameter, 5" deep with a 2" border
  • Visible light opening is 43.5" dia.
  • The frame can be ordered in matte black, gloss black, white, or brushed aluminum laminate
  • The LED lights are projected onto a flat white translucent screen from inside



1 year warranty is provided for the LED lighting and electronics and materials. Does not cover damage to either electronics or frame caused by accident or misuse.

Email us - if need more information
or call us at 818-565-1033

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