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36" Triangle Table

Triangle Table with internal geometrical design

"The Beauty Within"

Triangular shaped table with mirrors and LEDs on the inside.
When the viewer looks inside they will see a full 20 faceted Polyhedron / Icosohedron.
This piece also includes an acrylic tetrahedron.

The user can place transparent or translucent objects (such as a quartz crystal) on the inside which will be reflected in the mirrors creating a completely different visual effect .The special layout of the mirrors is what allows for the many reflections which in turn create a stunning illusion which is lighted up with LEDs. A specific mathematical formula is used to calculate the precise angles on the mirrors to generate the icosahedron form inside.

Comes with fully programmable LEDs, a wide variety of color combinations, patterns and speeds.

Dimensions of table: 36W x 36W x 36W x 31"H

Shown with gloss black finish

Comes with all lighting components needed.





LED Acrylic Tables with Aluminum Frames -  Easily Disassembled for Transport
Shown above our Acrylic Tables and Pedestals with Aluminum Frames

Aluminum Framed Acrylic Furniture:
Below are our acrylic tables, pedestals, and consoles made with aluminum frames. These tables can be easily and quickly disassembled for storing or transport purposes. We use 1/4" thick white translucent acrylic for the lighted surfaces. See diagrams for more.

Cube LED Table
Cube LED Table
Cube LED Table

Cube LED Table
24 x 24 x 29H Price: $750
24 x 24 x 42H Price: $810

Cube LED Table
48 x 48 x 24H - Call for pricing
48 x 48 x 17H - Call for pricing

Cube LED Table
24 x 24 x 24H Price: $710

Discounts for Quantity Purchases

Prices Includes: Color-changing LEDs, 12 volt rechargeable battery, 12 volt charger/power supply Controller with remote, DC input jack for charging. Battery will power lights from 48 to 72 hours on a single charge. Tables can be ordered without lighting - call for pricing


Hexagon LED Table
Octagon LED Table
Triangle LED Table

Hexagon LED Table
24 x 24 x 29H Price: $1020

Octagon LED Table
48 x 24H Price: $1463

Octagon LED Table
24 x 24H Price: $980

Triangle LED Table
24 x 24 x 24H Call for pricing

Email us - if you need more information or to place an order
or call us at 818-565-1033


  • Aluminum extrusion frame
  • Choice of finish on frame
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • High grade white translucent acrylic
  • All visible surfaces are illuminated
  • Easy and quick assembly or disassembly
Clear Anodized Finish Shown Above

Finish Options: We have several Anodized colors available for the finish of the aluminum extrusions that create the frame of our furniture. All finishes with the exception of the Clear Aluminum will increase the overall cost.

Selections: Flat Black, Semi Gloss Black, Bright Gold, Gold, Clear Aluminum, Nickel

Anodizing is an electrolytic process that forms a durable, porous oxide film on the surface of our aluminum extrusions. We also have a 'Wood Grain' Powder Coat finish available. Powder Coating is a coat of finely ground powder applied to our extrusions and then friction charged. These two types of coatings greatly increase resistance to corrosion and abrasion. With minimum quantities, many custom colors in 'Anodized' or 'Powder Coated' finishes are available for your specifications.

All of our acrylic-aluminum furniture can be disassembled if needed due to space constraints during transport or for storage. They can be transported while assembled. Storage and transport cases, are available.


DIAGRAMS: Aluminum and Acrylic Parts

The above diagram shows how the 1/4" acrylic parts are held in place with the aluminum extrusion. All necessary fastening hardware is included with each unit purchased. Also shown is the wood base. This wood base is where the LED fixtures, battery and controller are mounted.


LED Charging System

The above diagram shows the charging system for our LED tables that utilize a rechargeable battery to power the lighting system - for tables with aluminum extrusion frames.

View Lighting Options for the Above Lighted Furniture



LED Furniture with Vinyl Graphics

LED Furniture with vinyl - logo - artwork

We are now offering our LED Furniture with vinyl stencils that are applied to the inside surface of the acrylic sides. With these stencils many stunning visuals can be created. Your company logo can really stand out with our lighted furniture and stencils. We can take your creative idea or logo and laser cutout the vinyl to create that graphic, logo or pattern. The vinyl has adhesive on one side and is adhered to the inside surface of the acrylic panels. With our LED lighting and controllers your color selection at any time is in the power of your remote.




More LED Light Furniture Designs

48" LED Lighted Dining Table
with DMX LED Fixtures and DMX Controller
48" Dia. x 29" H with 30" Plinth Base and 1/2 thick Glass Top
Gloss Black Formica Finish

Price: $6985.00

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Includes Table Above




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LED Cocktail Table with 6" Acrylic Columns

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