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DMX LED Dance Floor

Shown Above: 12ft x 12ft DMX LED Dance Floor - Made by Light Energy Studio


Light Energy Studio is now offering every style of LED Dance Floor available on the market today with highly competitive pricing, exceptional tech support, customer service and guaranteed quality.

We have close connections with most of the factories in Asia, which make most of the lighted dance floors on the market. These connections allow us to eliminate the normal challenges that may come from dealing with these overseas factories, including shipping logistics. We do manufacture our own DMX LED Dance Floor here in Chatsworth California as well.

We are a one-stop supply outlet for entertainment rental companies searching for a portable LED dance floor to purchase and rent out to their clients.

When inquiring about our LED dance floors, you will receive all the information you will need to make an informed decision such as diagrams, videos, spec sheets, and product photos.

The LED Dance Floor is the new generation of the disco era lighted dance floor.
As went disco, so did the old incandescent lighting technology for lighted floors . With the advent of LED technology, LED floors have become more popular than ever and are in great demand. LED floors can be found in cutting edge night clubs, dance clubs, corporate events, trade shows (for attracting attention), weddings, parties and residential settings.


Click on the below photos or text links to learn more about each LED Floor we offer

1. LED VIDEO DANCE FLOOR - P20, P25, and P31
Play back video on these low to hi resolution LED dance floors
2. LED VIDEO DANCE FLOOR - P10 Hi Res - Best Quality
Play back video on this hi resolution LED dance floor
Play back animated abstact graphics and text on this LED dance floor

We feature two styles of interactive dance floors with built in sensors for activating effects when stepping on dance floor panel. Can playback abstract graphics and text.
Interactive LED Floor



Learn More about the Low Res Interactive Floors
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PB7S Interactive Video Floor


We have two DMX dance floors to choose from, one of which is made in the USA by LES and one that is made in Asia. These floors can be controlled with a DMX controller and have a different look than any other LED dance floors
These LED lighted dance floor panels are designed like the traditional
infinity mirror which creates the illusion of a 3D lighted tunnel. Available with optional center part.
7. 1 INCH RGB LED DANCE FLOOR - Thinnest LED dance floor which makes it one of the most portable lighted dance floors on the market.
8. TWILIGHT LED DANCE FLOOR - Simulates a star field-like night sky with LEDs that twinkle.
9. MATRIX LED DANCE FLOOR - Can be used to create miniature spotlight effects on the floor.
These RGB Floor Panels are the thinnest of its kind on the market (only 1.375" thick)
11. Cable-less Easy Connect LED FLOOR PANELS
These Cable-less LED Floor Panels are great for temporary installations such as rentals.

Learn More about the Cable-less LED Floor Panels - Click Here



View a Full Brochure Showcasing most of the LED Dance Floors We Offer
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Note: the DMX Dance Floor we produce here in the USA is not included in the brochure





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LED Video Dance Floor and LED Video Wall Panel Resolution



Please call or Email us to request a quote or if you have any questions.



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