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LED Towers
LED Towers - 80 inch Tall LED Displays

24" Wide x 80" Tall LED Tower - Vertical Display Stand
Can be made for horizontal mounting as well


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These LED displays are unique from any available on the market. What makes these lighted displays different? We cover the normally visible LEDs with white translucent acrylic. The acrylic not only diffuses and protects the lights but also creates a more aesthetic presentation. No harsh LEDs to look at. These lighted panels can be viewed up close or from a distance.

The LED Towers also have columns of light and color created with the use of thin dividers inside. These dividers separate the color from each column so the colors do not get muted through mixing. As a result the colors are purer and richer and the patterns are more distinct.

Each columnn has 62 LEDs. The lighting patterns can move vertically up and down or horizontally left to right.

With the use of the suggested controller, equalizer like sound effects can be played back simulating the effects of the LEDs one sees in a sound equalizer. This effect has become very popular in stage LED screens and for nightclue djs or vjs. However, this is only one effect these LED Towers can play back. There is a limitless amount of effects/shows that can be created and played back.

These LED displays are museum quality. They can be displayed in prominent high profile environments such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, night clubs, gentlemen's clubs, airports, hospitals, residential homes or mansions, and trade shows.

Our LED Towers can be used for decoration, lighting, attracting attention, and for entertainment purposes. They can also be used in video and film set design.


Price: 5998.00 / Set of 2 Towers
includes all components needed

LED Tower Features:
620 fully programmable LEDs
Programmable controller
SD card control - no computer needed to play back shows
Online control - create and playback effects LIVE with use of computer

Software with unique effects
EQ sound like effects
Protective white translucent cover/diffuser
Sturdy steel stand to hold up LED Tower
Durable satin black powder coating
Playback of abstract effects, logos, low res graphics, text scrolling and even video

Optional horizontal wall mounting hardware

24" Wide x 80" Tall x 4" Deep
Weight is 70 lbs
Aluminum frames
1/4" thick white translucent acrylic front panel
10 individual columns


Watch Video of some of the LED Tower Shows / Effects




LED Towers are a great compliment to our LED Column DJ Booths



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