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Water Bubble Panels - Columns - Tables
Water Bubble Panel  Room Dividers
The water bubble panels can be custom made up to 6 feet wide


Water Bubble Panels, Aqua Tables
Water Bubble Columns, Water Bubble Lamps

Innovative aquatic concepts for home and public display. Each piece is an art sculpture. Compliments any space decor with the elegant clear and black acrylic elements.

This line of illuminated water bubble panels and other aqua furnishings are made of quality materials and will provide years of enjoyment with very little maintenance. They have a soothing yet stimulating visual impact.

Streams of illuminated bubbles rise effortlessly through water-filled chambers with the use of a quiet air pump hidden within the base.

Most of these water bubble products comes with a micro fluorescent light with pink, blue, yellow , and orange interchangeable neon color filters. Two colors can be combined to create other colors such as green, by mixing yellow and blue.


Lighting Option:
Color changing LED lights are available for some water bubble products and some have LEDs included.

All units come with a warranty against leakage for a period of one year. Air pumps are warranted for 90 days. Replacement parts are available.


Water Bubble Panels
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Multi-chambered acrylic panels carry internal light to thousands of dancing bubbles. Available in either wave shaped or rectangular sizes to fit your placement. Black acrylic base provides freestanding support while concealing air pump assembly, light fixture and interchangeable color filters.

WP-1 and WP-4 models feature upper and lower light fixtures with interchangeable color filters. WP-2 tabletop models are 1-1/2 feet high, WP-3 credenza models are 3-1/2 feet, WP-4 rises to 5-1/2 feet in height and WP-1 models reach a full 6-3/4 feet high.

We have color changing LEDs for these panels. Contact us for more information.


Water Bubble Columns
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Clear acrylic columns filled with bubbling water streaming upwards. The column rest on a black acrylic base which houses the lights.

Included are color-changing LEDs.






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