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Light Energy Studio makes customized LED Displays and offers LED Video Panels (cabinets) for making small to large video display screens. Our lighted displays and video screens are for rent and purchase.

All our LED displays and panels are great for nightclub furnishings, hotel lobbys, restaurants, hospital waiting rooms, stage lighting, video and film production, fashion shows, car shows, and trade shows as well as corporate events, weddings and parties.

See our rental seciton for more on rentals.

LED Video Screens

Shown above is our 10ft long x 5.5ft high Video Screen
- with a P9 pixel resolution -

Pixel resoluton is the distance between each LED cluster measured in millimeters. Our P9 video cabinets are 9mm. The highest LED video dislpay is P3 and can go as low as P30 for video screens.

Click here to learn more about the pixel pitch and resolution

These video panels can play back video from just about any source as well as anything that can be viewed on a computer monitor. You can see some of these digital effects and video featured in our Hi-Def Videos below.



Light Energy Studio sells LED Video Displays with low to high pixel resolution. Video panels are made for inside use and outdoors, for rental and permanent installation. These are some of the factors when deciding what type of display will work best for your needs.

Some uses for the video screens:

  • Playback video of the bride and grooms montage / reflection video. A video montage adds a special touch to a rehearsal dinner or at the wedding reception
  • Show off your company logo or any company video presentation at corporate events
  • Playback on the LED screen, in real time, video of guest during an event - very popular when we do LED Dance Floor rentals
  • Playback of stimulating digital effects at parties, nightclubs, raves, concerts and for film and video productions
  • Playback, in real time, video of entertainers, such as dancers, performers, and speakers, at events on a large video screen


For Rental:

We have 100s of High Res Video Loops of Visual Eye Candy
that we can playback on our video screen for your event

Note: most of these hi-res videos are not shown on our website

You can view these videos clips at the following web sites

Watch Video of Our LED Video Screen Showcasing Our Digital Effects



Watch Video of Our LED Video Screen Showcasing Our Digital Effects
Part 2



Shown below are the P9 Video Cabinets which make up our 9.5'L x 5.5'H video screen in our showroom.


Each cabinet has 64 LEDs horizontally and 64 LEDs Vertical. 64x64= 4096 total LEDs in each cabinet.

Best viewing distance is 3-20 meters (10ft - 65ft)


Also available are LED Video Dance Floors and LED Interactive Dance Floors




Learn More About the Phantom LED Video DJ Booth
Made with P5mm LED Video Cabinets




60" DMX LED Display

The 60" round LED display is illuminated with - state of the art LED DMX technology and the lights are fully programmable. The effects or shows are soothing, mesmerizing, stimulating, inspiring, and entertaining for any home or commercial setting.


LED Lamp Features:

  • 72 LED nodes
  • Rated life is 100,000 hours
  • Capable of producing 16 million colors
  • High impact resistant
  • Low wattage and heat - economical to operate

Specs of Frame:

  • Visible light opening is 60" in large opening and 30" smaller opening
  • Frame is made of black plastic ABS and a wood backing
  • Wall mountable hardware provided
  • The lights are projecting onto a flat white screen
  • Metal freestanding stand optional

Effects/Shows: The 60" round LED display comes with a wide variety of shows with an assortment of customizable color combinations, speeds, and patterns.

60 inch Round LED Display
Move cursor over image to view the display with ambient light on and LEDs off.

Above is a photo of the 60" display with the optional stand. The stand is made of aluminum and steel and measures 48"L x 36" W with a black finish. The stand has castors for ease of movement. The stand and display can be seperated for transport.

Call for Pricing for Rental or Purchase

See a Demo of the 60" LED Display Video Below








A Virtual Night Club  Tour

See this Amazing Animation of a Virtual Night Club, "The VORTEX"
Showcasing many of our lighting designs, creations and their applications, included are LED Video Dance Floors, LED Video Displays, LED Acrylic Column Diplays, LED Tables, LED Dance Platforms and much more.
Release Date: May 26, 2015

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