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Acrylic Tube Light Sculpture
Shown above are our Large 2" diameter Acrylic Tube Light Sculpture Displays
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The Definiton of Light Sculpture: a Three-Dimensional Piece of Art that Uses Light Bulbs, the Sun, or Another Light Source as the Primary Medium of Expression.

The Definiton of Light Art: is an applied arts form in which light is the main medium of expression. It is an art form in which either a sculpture produces light, or light is used to create a "sculpture" through the manipulation of light, colors, and shadows.

Many of our lighted creations fall under the category of Light Sculpture and Light Art and can be used for decorative purposes for residential and commercial settings.

Many of our light sculptures can be custom made to varying sizes and shapes.


Six 2 inch Acrylic Tube LED Display
Move Cursor Over Image to View with LEDs ON
Shown above is our Six 2" white translucent Acrylic Tube LED Display

Pricing: $598.00

Bottom base is 30"L x 6" deep x 7"H, shown with gloss black laminate.
Tubes are 12" tall and are capped with black ABS plastic
Overall height of display with acrylic tubes is 20".
Custom sizes are available with wider and longer tubes.

Watch Video of the Six 2" Acrylic Tube LED Display

Includes: LED controller with SD card, 5 volt power supply, 80 shows/effects, Software to create and edit shows,
Total of 48 LEDs


Watch Video of the Six 2" Acrylic Tube LED Display



Shown above is our UFO LED Light Sculpture which is made of white translucent acrylic, clear acrylic and fully programmable LEDs. To our knowledge it is the largest LED lighted UFO model shown on the internet.

Watch Video of the UFO Light Sculpture

Top and Bottom White Translucent Acrylic Section - LEDs independantly controlled
1/2" thick Clear Acrylic Center Ring Section - LEDs independantly controlled
Two SD Card Controllers
One Power Supply
Store shows on SD card
Wide Variety of Color Combinations, Speeds and Patterns
Customizable Effects with Supplied Software
96 Super Bright Individually Controlled LEDs

32" Round x 13" Tall
Weight: 20 Lbs

The UFO Light Sculpture is available as a Hanging or Stand Model

Price: $1195

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Pillar of Light Acrylic LED ColumnPillar of Light - 6

6" Round Pillar of Light Scupture
This is our table top version of our larger Pillar of Light

Price: $1175

View Video of our 6" Pillar of Light

8 individual columns separated by thin plastic dividers
LED SD card controller with software
Minimum of 64 effects
Vertical motion - many EQ like effects
Horizontal motion - 360 degree rotation
Speed control
152 Super bright LEDs
Durable gloss black top cap and bottom base
Viewable from 360 degrees

Note: Battery operated versions are available.

6" Round White translucent acrylic column x 24"H
Top Cap 8" wide x 2"H
Bottom Base is 8" wide and 3"H
Overall height 28"

The 6" diameter Pillar of Light column is also available as a floor model.
Available sizes are 40", 52", 64", and 76" tall with a 10" wide base and top cap.





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LED Acrylic Pyramid Sculpture

This Acrylic Light Sculpture is made with 1/4" thick white translucent acrylic that is 24" at the base and 30" high. The base is made of 1/4" black acrylic, 24" square and 8" high.

It's an impressive piece for any interior, even with the lights off. The LED lights can be controlled with the included remote control. The remote allows you to dim the lights or to turn them on/off, as well as making the color white.

You can control all lights simultaneously, in which case all lights are the same color with either 4 of the available modes; slow strobe, slower strobe, color fade, slower color fade.

Each of the 4 LED bulbs can be controlled separately allowing the user to make an individual setting for each. You can set each bulb in slow fade but starting at a different color, for example, giving you 4 separate colors at one time.

Can Be Made in Custom Sizes


Click Here to View the above Pyramid Sculpture Animated

Price: $1985.00
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Large 2" diameter Acrylic Tube Light Sculpture Displays
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48" Round Dance Platform

LED DJ Booth and LED DJ Facade

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Acrylic Dance Platform
with LED Lighting


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LED DJ Booth and DJ Facade
LED DJ Booth and LED DJ Facade
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Acrylic Pole Dance Platform
with LED Lighting


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